2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 28 - State Representative Pos. 2

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Brandon Lyons
(Prefers Libertarian Party)

Elected Experience: None.

Other Professional Experience: Founder & CEO of Dadmom Technologies, Inc.; Founder of the Liberal Rifle Association; union pipefitter at Infrasource; former chair secretary at Seattle Single Parent Advocacy, Counseling & Enrichment.

Education: Proudly educated in the Bethel School District, 3rd grade to graduation.

Community Service: I've always been one to set new trends. On three recent birthdays, I've held food drives, which were highly successful. Giving, instead of getting. Imagine the impact we could all make by incorporating charity into our day to day lives.   

Statement: My passion and focus is supporting Washington families. We can help families and children through job growth, a stronger more effective education system, and family court reform. I want to leave a better environment for our children to grow up in.

I will fight for all of your constitutional rights, for every amendment, for every person. I respect every principle in the Bill of Rights as it was originally intended. I believe in leading toward solutions, not dictating agendas. As your state representative, I will make decisions based on empirical data, logic, reason and most importantly your voice.     

(253) 365-7440