2016 Primary Voters' Guide
United States - U.S. Senator

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Dr Pano Churchill
(Prefers Lincoln Caucus Party)

Elected Experience: Non-Politician

Other Professional Experience: CEO -- WellHeart, Seattle Wireless and numerous other Mature Companies, & StartUps. Entrepreneur. Leader. Innovator. Angel Investor. Educator. Author. Philanthropist. Job Creator, having started tons of Tech & Science companies by bringing people together to collaborate, solve difficult problems & get things done, we create valuable wealthy jobs.

Education: University of Washington - Pol.Sci.&Economics BA 1989. Oxford Environmental University - Cybernetics, Earth Science, & Public Health PHD 2003, 2007.

Community Service: Chairman Environmental Parliament 1991-2016. Worked on United Nations Climate Change COPprocess & the Paris Accord. People's Health International, Churchill Society, A4ID, WWF, various charities & philanthropies.

Statement: I invite you to vote for me. If you're tired of the mess in Congress, tired of corrupt partisan politics, I ask you to support my candidacy for the US Senate.  Stand up and say proudly that this country, and our government, belong to all of us; and not just to the crony government squatters, the bureaucrats, and the wealthy lobbyists & campaign contributors.

We need to claim back our country from the DC insiders, from the narrow minded establishment, & from the stale political parties. This is our country and we aim to upset the apple-cart of those vested interests who think they own it.

We must take control of our Republic because we need to innovate and better our Democracy - same as we do in our own work, our family, our business, our community, and in our own life.

We need an economy, a budget, a tax code, a health care system, and a system of justice that works for all Americans. We need to refresh our American Revolution demanding that government represents us all, not just the politically connected. We need a bigger economic pie where more Washingtonians have a bigger piece. We need strong American leadership, not just wars and retreat.

Given the serious crises this country faces, we cannot expect the career politicians who created the problems, to solve them. Instead, I will take on big bureaucracy, big government, big banks, big unions, and big businesses, because am not tied-up to lobbyists and special interests. We don't need a permanent political class that thinks it's entitled to rule over us. We need citizen leaders who'll put principle and people, before party.

And as Lincoln said: "If we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish." It's time to Reboot Washington. God Bless America. 

(206) 451-7657