2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 12 - State Representative Pos. 1

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Dan Maher
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Dan is an information technology (IT) professional with Fastnet Security who additionally serves as an adjunct faculty member in Mathematics at Wenatchee Valley College to which he brings 11 years of teaching experience in math and IT. Dan possesses over 19 years of professional experience as an owner of IT businesses and as co-founder of XO Communications. As a three-time hall of fame inductee for athletics at Dickinson State University, Dan has a passion for the healthy environment provided by sports participation and has supported youth as a football, track and wrestling coach.

Education: BS in Mathematics DSU

Community Service: No information submitted

Statement: Dan Maher has been married to Shannon for 27 years and together they have raised five children. Dan is an active community volunteer and has many years of effective activity in various community support and social projects. Dan is an active member of his church.

Dan will help create a state government that will keep our children educated, our homes safe from fire, and help maintain human dignity for all. Dan knows the importance of each citizen having a voice in our state government and understands NCW issues. It’s time for a “New Voice” to represent us.

(509) 433-7336