2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 17 - State Representative Pos. 2

Coming Soon
Richard Colwell
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: “Dude! - I'm not a politician!” (Thank God!)    

Other Professional Experience: Currently a Machinist for a large steel structure fabricator. (Citizen, not politician)    

Education: Mt. Hood Community College, Aviation Clark Community College, Machining Technology Hudson's Bay High School, 1994 graduate Philosophical Education - Frederic Bastiat, Lysander Spooner, Jesus Christ, Robert Heinlein, G. Edward Griffin, Samuel Clemens, Ayn Rand, L. Neil Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Ron Paul, and of course… Dr. Seuss.       

Community Service: Treasurer, Oregon Grotto, local chapter of National Speleological Society; 2016. Chairman, Oregon Grotto; 2015. Advisor, Explorer Post 58, youth rock climbing and mountaineering organization; 2008 to present.

Statement: The political system- rigged. Government- a disaster. American ideals- ravaged. Washington DC and Olympia- brothels for banksters, bureaucrats and bandits. Two-faced politicians and morally bankrupt judges obliterate human rights, civil rights, the Bill of Rights. Each election- more bureaucracy, more taxation, more corruption. We must organize now to eradicate unjust governmental powers and seize back what they’ve plundered: our rights to our lives, liberty, and property. Are you finally ready to do something that matters? Disrupt. Their. System. Vote for me. Organize with me. Email Me Now. We’ll launch a resistance that cannot be ignored. Contact Me Now!

(252) 419-1775