2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 3 - U.S. Representative

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Kathleen (Grandma Warrior) Arthur
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Washington State Committee-Woman: 2 Terms. OFN-Delegate. Eighteenth LD: Vice chair & Chair. SIDS-Board-Member. Union Stewart.

Other Professional Experience:  Nurse. BSN. University of Portland. I've been creating positive social changes nationally since the 1990s. With my bold innovative leadership:  SIDS teachings became "National-Nursing-Standards". SIDS plummeted.

Education: Postgraduate: Yale-online. Clark collage 4.0 GPA.

Community Service: I'm a Quaker. I created a coalition of Grandma-Warriors. We are tackling: "Congressional-Spending-Methodologies" and resulting unintended negative social impacts. The grannies stormed Washington DC  2/2016. Results? See Inslee executive order 16-03. Next Grannie Warrior DC rally is 6/15/2016. All welcome.

Statement: Congress has lost the power of the purse. Congress now only has effective voting power over 1/3 of the federal dollars spent (the 302a funds).  The balance of the two-thirds of federal dollars spent is on an un-sustainable autopilot. Congress has lost the power to vote on the spending of 2/3 our nations funds. Congress has lost their most powerful super-power. This is Congresses' most urgent task: To get back the power of the purse. Our federal government is tittering dangerously out of balance. (See C-Span, Federal Budget Process 4/18/2016)

Campaign Promise #1. Here is a bold truth:  The role of congressional representative: Is not to vote-mimic along party lines. A congressperson must vote for the direct-will of the people in their district. My Plan=polling. (with accurate sociological quality-measures) Your vote=my vote.

Campaign Promise #2.  If you are waiting for elected officials to spearhead campaign reform don't hold your breath.  The only form of influence I will seek is your vote. I have refused to accept campaign donations. I am on a $5,000.00 budget to get through the primary. Because influence hides behind money, power and political affiliations. Political-suicide? Perhaps, but change must start somewhere. I am a thrifty, scrappy old grandma. Lol. 

Campaign Promise #3. Congress has lost the power of the purse: I will restore this vital function.  This is the most important issue in congress today. Congress only has voting power over 1/3 of the budget. The 302a funds. The remaining 2/3 is on unsustainable autopilot. Congress must all get on-board the budget-boat and row together to avoid the ugly cliff of unsustainability. Vote 4 Nurse Kathleen Arthur. I can do this!

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