2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 4 - U.S. Representative

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John (the man) Malan
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: none yet

Other Professional Experience: Journeyman Wireman, Instrument and Control Technician, SMAW Welder

Education: GED

Community Service: Seeking office is a community service 

Statement: The American experiment has failed. The Republic is dead. John Malan loves Libertyand hereby petitions the people of Washington state to serve as your representative to the United States Congress in order to safeguard our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

John Malan served America as a Reconnaissance Marine from 1980-1984 and possesses the leadership traits indicative of a United States Marine,i.e. Integrity, Knowledge, Courage, Decisiveness, Loyalty, Dependability, Initiative, Tact, Justice, Judgment, Enthusiasm, Bearing, Endurance and Unselfisness. He is currently a Journeyman Wireman affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (a labor union) for over 28 years. He is not a politician but aspires to be a statesman. Politics can be broken into two words. Poli, meaning many and tics, meaning blood sucking creatures.

The current coporate political system has hijacked America and transformed most of us into God rejecting politically correct zombies. The Federal Corporation also known as the United States (28 United States Code 3002), continually usurp the people's Authority by disregarding the Bill of Rights including but not limited to Amendments 9 and 10. State Sovereignty must be reclaimed, respected and never surrendered through financial blackmail tactics.

John Malan believes in the nation state called America and rejects Globalism as a flawed Economic Model. A nation without substantive borders is not a nation at all. America is better served by Fair Trade not Free Trade. Treaties and Agreements must be administered with full disclosure to the American people.

Political Correctness is an abomination and has caused America to devolve morally with conversations about bathrooms and the perverted way in which Political Correctness wants to use them.

Agents for change have implemented a flawed foreign ploicy and have emasculated our mighty military forces to the point where we are vulnerable to attack here.

(509) 262-6819