2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 1 - U.S. Representative

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Scott Stafne
(Prefers Libertarian Party)

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: As an attorney, I advocate for the people from the trenches. I'm not a corporate millionaire. I don't want to be. I have significant experience in small businesses and practicing law in many areas, including land use, logging, forestry, fisheries, marine affairs, organic gardening, fighting homelessness, education, environmental matters, and species conservation

Education: Education: BA DePauw University (summa cum laude); JD University of Iowa (summa cum laude); LLM University of Washington (Law and Marine Affairs).       

Community Service:  Internet Radio Show (Taking Back Our Country); Video Series (Gardening and Government); Advocate for Garden Alliance; Candidate for Supreme Court Justice - 2012.  

Statement: I have built my career around protecting and defending people and small businesses. I understand the corruption and unfairness in a court system which is rigged against them. There are things which can be done to prevent intolerable injustice. I promise to investigate, and where necessary propose legislation and impeachments to create a fair legal system.

In the last 4 years the 1% has gotten richer, but the rest of us have continued to suffer. We are forced to live paycheck to paycheck in a stagnant economy that politicians falsely label a great recovery.  

People need homes and want to stay in those houses they own. The 99% want real jobs with fair wages for real work.

We, the people, are aggrieved by a government that has abandoned thriving local economies and business in order to facilitate the growth of debt based industries and products. This stupid policy by our government has resulted in a rapidly diminishing middle class which will further disappear as this debt-based economy matures.   Surely, Congress must know what it is doing??

The incumbent Suzan DelBene has delivered rhetoric, not results for 4 years. She is a key part of the stagnant economic machine comprised of career millionaire politicians, who don't live like the rest of us or understand our problems.

We need new leaders now. We need smart, compassionate change. Let's work together locally to help change our nation for the better.

(360) 403-8700