2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 22 - State Representative Pos. 1

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Franklin Edwards
(Prefers Democrat Party)

Elected Experience: I have no elected experience. Which I believe is an asset. As we need more elected officials that are not politicians. 

Other Professional Experience: been a Union Carpenter for 25 years

Education: went thru the Aprenticeship program for the Carpenter's Union. 

Community Service: I have coached youth football for Black Hill Junior Football League for the last 11 years. I'm a board member of South Sound Yourh Athletes. Which is a Nonprofit that helps our communities youth who may need financial help participating in sports.

Statement: I'm just a working class citizen who is fed up! I'm fed up of all the wasteful spending that goes on at the Capitol, I'm fed up of the lack of funding for our schools! I'm fed up of the "right to work" Bullies who are trying to take away the unions constitutional right to organize! I'm the only candidate in this race who is currently working, as a union carpenter I work hard day in and day out, and when you elect me you can count on me to work just as hard for you!

(360) 688-9734