2016 Primary Voters' Guide
United States - U.S. Senator

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Mohammad Said
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Precinct Committee for Grant County. State Delegate-Democratic Convention. National Platform Committee 1988. Former Vice Chair-Democratic Central Committee for Grant County. Committeeman-Washington State Democratic Central Committee 2016.

Other Professional Experience: Expert in healthcare, holding one of the highest medical degrees in the US. Expert of US-Arab/Muslim relations. See Facebook & Website.

Education: M.D. with honors, PhD with honors, MPH, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Geriatrics, Preventive & Alternative Medicine, Former Asst. Clinical Professor at VA in Fargo, ND

Community Service: Volunteer for over 12 years at Washington State correction facilities and others of local, county, and state.

Statement: In 1992 as co-founder, I attended Rainbow Coalition in Seattle with my intention to run for U.S. Senate at the same time State Senator Patty Murray came for endorsement. They convinced me to withdraw my name on her behalf, and I agreed. For extensive review of my political activism and background, see my Facebook Dr.Mohammad Said and website drsaid.net.

As a Democrat, I am leading a movement I established in 2012 with the name of American Centrist Movement. Senator Bernie Sanders, if not the Democratic nominee, will lead a progressive movement.

On social issues, I am pro-life, pro-family, and pro-traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

On foreign policy, I advocate resolving Palestinian-Israeli conflict by establishing a democratic, non-religious state in Historic Palestine, where Jews, Muslims, and Christians can live together with equal rights under a constitution similar to the U.S. This was adopted four times by the Grant County Democratic Convention, including 2016. Also adopted in 2016 include containing extremism in the Middle East and supporting the nuclear agreement with Iran, which should include Israel.

On healthcare, I advocate expanding Medicare to include the young up to 25, universal healthcare for the basic as one single payer, reforming Welfare to eliminate abuse, and reforming the Department of Health - especially the Medical Quality Assurance Commission, as attorneys are calling the shots, making doctors practice defensive medicine. On immigration, I advocate institution of guest workers program.

I advocate amendments to the Constitution which include reform War Powers Act, direct trade with foreign countries by states, National Guard to be under state control, Second Amendment as privilege and not a right, allow foreign-born Americans to run for president, and U.S. Congress to meet in states by rotation.

(509) 754-4689