2016 Primary Voters' Guide
United States - U.S. Senator

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Jeremy Teuton
(Prefers System Reboot Party)

Elected Experience: Dr. Teuton has never run for elected office before. He is running now because he believes that while our government is not currently functional it is not beyond repair.

Other Professional Experience: Staff Scientist, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Doctoral Fellow, Undergraduate Researcher, 1hr photo clerk at Costco, Photographer, Cutco sales associate. 

Education: University of Washington-Seattle graduated in 2001: B.S. Biology (Cell and Molecular), minor in Chemistry,  B.A. Psychology. University of Wisconsin-Madison graduated in 2009:PhD Cellular and Molecular Biology. 

Community Service: Sustainable transportation and renewable power advocate, husband, father, good neighbor, and concerned citizen. 

Statement: Dr. Jeremy Teuton is a scientist and lifelong problem solver. He is asking anyone unsatisfied with our current dysfunctional government to vote for actual change. Jeremy has lived and worked in both Eastern and Western Washington and currently lives in Pasco, Washington. He works at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and is an alumnus of Cheney High School near Spokane and the University of Washington-Seattle.

Senators are elected representatives and leaders of the people. Representing the people is a high calling; one that the national party system has undermined with the aid of the lobbying industry. It is a crucial responsibility to listen to those you represent, present clear solutions, and act with the people's support. Those responsibilities have fallen prey to polling, private meetings with lobbyists, political strategists, and party leaders instead of working to perform the will of the people.

A candidate that takes money from anyone other than those that can vote for him -including corporations and lobbyists, national political parties, or out-of-state donors- cannot be trusted to truly represent the people. Today, with secure digital communications, there is no justification for senators to spend so much time in D.C. instead of being available to those they should represent.

The Constitution provides a functional government operating system. Many of the aspects crippling the function of our government are not part of that original system. Running purely on issues ignores that until the system functions, no issue -including tax policy, foreign policy, social security and health care- can be resolved.

Dr. Jeremy Teuton brings new solutions and is willing to fight to restore function to government; eliminating "playing politics" from the discussion. He is running to represent all the people of Washington.

The system has not failed, it just needs to be rebooted.

(509) 579-8097