2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 7 - U.S. Representative

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Craig Keller
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: Precinct committee officer, 22 years. Interned in Congress (1984)

Other Professional Experience: I sell earthquake protection devices proudly fabricated in the U.S.A. I also manage investment portfolios for retirees. Previously I helped public pensions and university endowments monitor fund performance.

Education: BA Hillsdale College, Economics, Financial Analyst Charterholder (CFA)

Community Service: PTA Co-President. Founded www.RespectWashington.us which co-sponsored the initiative that will repeal Spokane’s illegal alien sanctuary ordinance in 2017. Founded www.SaveOurChoice.us which sponsored Seattle and Issaquah initiatives to empower voter repeal of psychotic bag bans and choking minimum wage regulation. Married, two daughters.

Statement: In 2014 your vote advanced me to the November ballot.  Thank you!  Again I ask for your vote to serve as your fighter against illegal immigration corruption.
McDermott-Jayapal-Walkinshaw all push amnesty and U.S. citizenship for illegals.  Their amnesty would reward millions of lawbreakers, coyotes, drug cartels, dishonest employers, human traffickers and their own campaign coffers.  That is completely disgusting, un-American and a slap in the face to legal immigration. 
For nine years I have sponsored this state's E-verify initiative (www.RespectWashington.us) and will vote in Congress to arm all employers with E-verify to defend against fake Social Security numbers and expired visas carried by 40% of illegal aliens.  If you are serious about defending your job, your living wage, your Social Security and against the $2.7 Billion drain on public services by illegals, then I offer myself as your champion in Congress.  (http://www.respectwashington.us/FAIRWA2012.pdf)
McDermott-Jayapal-Walkinshaw are legislators who have derelicted their duty to halt the issuance of driver licenses to illegal aliens - now more than 400,000 issued.  In fact, they fully support legitimizing illegal aliens with driver licenses.  In so doing they have abetted 900 illegal alien felons now housed in state prison on your dime; and hundreds more in county jails statewide.  And what of the victims?  Many are Hispanic children, raped and molested.  These horrors and injustices can be verified at www.Keller4America.us and www.TheRemembranceProject.org
My serious fight in Congress for you against illegal immigration will do more to reduce the drug trafficking, addiction, homelessness and crime in your neighborhood than any tax-and-spend smokescreen.
Regardless of "party," are you ready to defend legal workers and seniors to make America Great Again?  Then I'm ready to work for you!  Hire me with your vote today.

(206) 932-2243