2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Washington State - Superintendent of Public Instruction
State Executive

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John Patterson Blair

Elected Experience: Vashon School Board 2000-04

Other Professional Experience: High School Science Teacher 1969-77; Developed and taught a high school special education to mainstream science transition curriculum 1970–72; Teachers (NEA) negotiator 1970-72; A founding and participating teacher (science), Cinnaminson (NJ) Alternative High School for 170+ 10th-12th grade students who wanted to take responsibility for their own education 1972-76; Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2004,8,12, average 75,000 votes, 7% statewide.

Education: Haverford College, BA Sociology; Temple University, MEd Science.

Community Service: A founding and participating parent, Vashon (WA) Parent Involvement Program, Alternative Elementary School (40 students) 1983-90

Statement: This Is A Referendum: Every child is unique and families should have the opportunity to individualize their own children’s public education.

I propose A New Foundation for Public Education, (of which existing public schools would be an unchanged part), consisting of:

Individual Student Trust Accounts – funded annually using each student’s existing $10,000+ state education voucher. With approval, each student’s parents may spend these accumulating funds at any Registered Public Education Program(s) of their choice. Registered Public Education Programs – defined as, any educational program, regardless of ownership, which: Accepts only trust funds as tuition, i.e. “free”; Fills at least 80% of its openings without admission qualification, i.e. “open enrollment”; Permits the study, but not the practice, of religion; And publishes measurable educational and behavioral goals for its students. Students not achieving these goals may be dismissed by the program. Neighborhood Education Districts – administered by three locally elected trustees, will oversee the educational progress of 50 to 200 participating neighborhood students. The trustees must approve parental education choices for students passing applicable "WASL" tests. Community Facility Districts – locally elected, will own, operate and maintain all public facilities. Life-cycle maintenance funds will be included in the original bond funding.

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