2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 10 - U.S. Representative

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Richard Boyce
(States No Party Preference)

Elected Experience: none      

Other Professional Experience: Air Force enlisted, 1965-1969, Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel laborer, 1969-1974, Army enlisted, 1974-1992, Retired military, 1992-2002, Federal Civil Service, 2002-2010, Retired.  

Education: Graduate Rostraver High School, Bell Vernon, Pa. Graduate of Excelsior Collage.

Community Service: No information submitted  

Statement: $19 trillion debt and counting. We're not the richest country in the world. There are no federal funds. Federal funds is money taken from us to extort our compliance. Congress Sucks! with an approval rating below 10% and inexplicably there's a 90% retention rate. Is it always the other 434? Think about it. We need to reform congress.  

Norm Dicks collects more than $10,000 monthly congressional pension and makes millions more lobbying. Reynolds, Rostenkowski, Jackson Jr. all members of congress convicted of felonies in office and still eligible for pensions. This is why these people will never submit a term limits amendment for our consideration. We have to drain this swamp. Let's begin with: halving congressional salaries, eliminating all pay, benefits, allowances and extraordinary access for former elected and appointed officials. A modest start.  

Look at some of the fed's failures despite limitless resources. The war on poverty, drugs and the border. They passed welfare reform and there's more people on welfare than ever. They passed immigration reform and there're more illegals than ever and illicit drugs flow across the border and the risk of terror is high. We have to enforce the law and border. If I tell you I'll fix education, housing, poverty etc. it's a lie. Nobody else will fix it either. These are matters co-opted by the national government better served by states. We must get back to The Constitution.We must not allow the feds to use our money to extort our compliance. We have to take back our sovereignty and our land.  

My promise: the most informative and interesting two years in congressional history. Together we'll learn more than we thought possible. Join me. I ask for your vote.

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