2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 3 - U.S. Representative

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Angela (Angie) Marx
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: No previous elected experience. Was campaign manager for Howard Dean in for the 49th LD and served as temporary campaign manager for a US House race in 2012.

Other Professional Experience: Low-wage service jobs, after entering the job market for the first time at age 36, after my divorce. Telecom, real estate, graphics, advertising and secretarial postitions.

Education: Graduated High School with 3.444 in 1979, attended one year of junior college studying computer programming in the early 1980s.

Community Service: I had no time for community service, while trying to raise 2 kids on low wages.

Statement: I am not your average candidate. But I'm smart and will be a voice for all those still waiting for the economy to get better for them; for those seeking a better life; for small businesses weighed down by too many taxes; for Conservationists seeking clean air, water and land; and for Washington State citizens who do not want the risks of oil terminals in their communities. My values are Family, Community & Country.

When elected, you will not find me meeting with Lobbyists and taking their money. If you would like to meet with your Representative to Congress, call my office and it will happen. I will have Open Constituent meetings regularly in each County of the District, and will publish notice of them in advance so that working people will have time to attend them. I will take your concerns and issues seriously and do my very best to find acceptable solutions to problems.

My first Bill, when elected, will be a pilot project to direct Block Grant funds to install Solar covered parking at the WSU branch in Vancouver, and after that, to do the same in every public school K to University throughout the State. Because I believe that cleaner energy is the future for our State and the World.

I do not seek a half million dollars in donations, but your votes and your volunteer hours. I will always put the needs of the people of the 3rd District before anything else. That's a campaign promise you can count on.

My motto is: #StrongerTogether for a better future for our posterity!

(360) 513-1549