2016 Primary Voters' Guide
United States - U.S. Senator

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Eric John Makus
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: No Prior Office.

Other Professional Experience: Attorney at Law, Private Practice (2009-Present); Author, Publisher, Business Owner (1987-2009); and, Special Assistant to United States Representative Thomas S. Foley (1983-1984).

Education: Whitman College, BA, Political Science, 1984; University of Southern California, MPL, (Master of Planning) concentrating in Public/Private Enterprises, 1987; University of Washington, Certificate, Intellectual Property Management, 2003; and, Newport High School (Bellevue, Washington), Diploma, 1980.

Community Service: Volunteer & Spokesperson: Rolling Readers USA and TreePeople.

Statement: My Fellow Citizen,

We are one of the 4,088,397 registered voters in Washington today. With our votes, we hold the power to control our government. Our Constitutional rights make us citizens of the United States of America. I am a proud American. I want to make us all proud Americans.

By casting your ballot, you are exercising your authority for which so many brave Americans before us have made the ultimate sacrifice. Salute our members of national service. Cast your ballot with pride and conviction.  It is my privilege to be your candidate for United States Senator.

We are over 7 million strong. We live in 39 counties and possess an abundance of wealth in our people and nature. Our magnificent coast and inland waters in the west, and Grand Coulee Dam, towering over the agricultural riches of the east. Washington may very well be the greatest state in our union.

We face challenges and adversity. Our population is growing and changing rapidly. More and more Americans are making Washington their home. We must address hard public enemies such as drug addiction and mental health, separately from crime. The menaces of racism and intolerance must be confronted with the weapons of kindness, understanding, and acceptance. We must join together to secure our borders and protect our homeland. We must build for the future by constructing a transportation infrastructure that delivers mobility and progress; in air, on land, and at sea.  Washington is home to a broad range of business excellence and leadership. I pledge to completely support business.

I earned my way through Whitman College. I became a Washington lawyer without law school. My record is independence. I am beholden only to you. I am prepared to serve you as our next United States Senator.  Makus Great Again.


(206) 419-0581