2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 4 - U.S. Representative

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Glenn M. Jakeman
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Instructor for Yakima Valley Community College CED course instructor for Washington, State Instructor for Hydro Power Plant Operators OSHA instructors license Masters electrical license Surface mine electrical license

Education: Utah Valley Technical College, Provo, Utah Brigham Young University Yakima Valley Community College

Community Service: Volunteer physical facilities representative (PFR)           Repair, clean help Volunteer facilities employment specialist see below          develope interview skills           help find jobs             

Statement: Glenn Jakeman, candidate for Congress district 4, is the common peoples Representative. By working as an electrician for more than 30 years and raising 7 children on a single income, Glenn knows how to balance a budget and how to fix things. Glenn believes laws should be based on the Constitution. Furthermore, laws should focus on letting the individual have as much freedom as possible. Glenn believes that government should not interfere with State's rights, except to provide order and stability to the nation determined through the Constitutional process. Any other interference is wrong. The United States should protect citizenship and the process to legalization through controlled border crossing. He believes that the government should get their spending under control and work at balancing the budget, by eliminating outdated programs, such as providing aid to the same countries that the United States is indebted to. Previously, Glenn made a suggestion to President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell that would help stabilize our national power system and they acted on his suggestion. He encourages people with ideas that could help the government with issues to share them. Let him be the candidate that brings new experiences, ideas and fresh concepts to Congress. Let's bring spring to Congress! Elect Glenn Jakeman for Congressman District 4.

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