2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 6 - U.S. Representative

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Paul L. Nuchims
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: University Student Body President, Community councils, State President WV American Association of University Professors.

Other Professional Experience: Led and active in safeguarding health and safety of communities for 40 years. Taught in colleges and universities in Michigan and West Virginia for 37 years.Director and owner of art galleries in New York, Michigan, West Virginia, Washington: Manchester, Port Orchard, Bellingham and Seattle.

Education: BFA Wayne State University, Detroit. Attended Law School, University of MichiganMFA University of Michigan, Ann ArborDoctor of Arts, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, 1977

Community Service: Director, WV state humanities association, Manchester Community Association, MCAC, Port of Manchester

Statement: If elected I will not seek re-election. I will not accept contributions from corporate donors. If elected I'll serve the interests of the people of this congressional district, the state and the country.

The most important issues which I will work tirelessly for are: College and university education without debt for all the young people (to age 40) of this state and country. Bernie is right. Why? Because our youth are our "seed corn" Not only for their prosperity, but also for the prosperity of our country as our future leaders to help us heal our endangered planet.

This can be accomplished by bringing back the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps of FDR, so that their work, their contribution of healing our nation's infrastructure. will earn them a free college education (like the GI bill after WWII).

I will hold Saturday free classes for students and parents from 9 to noon during the months of June and July at my home under the willow tree on how to find and navigate a "no debt" higher education (because debt is a kind of slavery and indentured servitude). I went all the way through higher education without owing anyone a cent by working with skills that I learned in high school. I'll share them with you and send essays to the local newspapers and facebook. Thank you for your consideration.

(360) 769-2123