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Gary J. Libey

Legal/Judicial Experience:  Libey has practiced law in Whitman County for nearly 40 years, consisting of litigation, business, and estate matters.  He was elected Whitman County District Court Judge (part-time) in 1978 and served until 1981.  He has served as District Court Judge pro tem since 1983 and as Superior Court Commissioner since 2009.  

Other Professional Experience:  Past President Whitman County Bar Association  

Education:  B.A., WSU – 1973 (Honors); J.D., Gonzaga – 1976; M.S. in Taxation, Gonzaga – 1982.  

Community Service:  Contributor to Whitman Hospital, Whitman County Library, Whitman County Fair, Colfax Chamber of Commerce, Thrifty Grandmothers, Colfax Golf Course Foundations, and Colfax Distinguished Young Women.

Statement:  My nearly 40 years of legal experience, along with common sense, commitment, and judicial respect, will assure that I will be a fair and impartial judge.  I have litigated cases throughout southeastern Washington, including state and federal courts, and I have the breadth and depth of a diverse legal career to understand the challenges of being a judge.    

The Superior Court Judge has the ability to greatly affect lives, fortunes, and freedom.  I will take this responsibility seriously and with great resolve to be fair, independent, and impartial in all ways possible.  Those who appear before me, by themselves or by attorneys, will find that I am a good and patient listener.  

Over the years I have seen the legal profession become extremely complicated.  Laws and court decisions are constantly changing, making our jobs more difficult, stressful, and demanding.  I have the experience and people skills to earn the respect of my fellow citizens by working hard to make the tough decisions which I will face every day.   

I am aware of the great costs and personal trauma associated with litigation and resolve to treat the parties, witnesses, jurors, attorneys, and others with respect, patience, and resolve.  

(509) 397-4345