2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Katherine M. Stolz

Legal/Judicial Experience: Pierce County Superior Court Judge 16 years

Other Professional Experience: Pierce County Superior Court Criminal Presiding Judge, four terms; Superior Court Criminal Procedures Committee; Law Library Board, past Chair; Regional Mock Trial Judge; Superior Court Judges Association

Education: University of Washington BA (1976); University of Puget Sound School of Law (1979)

Community Service: Elementary School reading tutor; YMCA Mock Trial Competition; Tacoma Pierce County Humane Society.

Statement: Judge Katherine Stolz is a 16-year veteran of the Court widely respected for her dedication to the law and our community. Judges, attorneys, law enforcement, and community leaders all agree-Katherine Stolz is an outstanding judge who deserves reelection.

On the Bench, we can count on Judge Stolz to deliver objective, reasoned and well informed decisions based on the law and on the evidence. Her ethics and integrity are beyond reproach.

Judge Stolz works hard each and every day to ensure that access to justice is a reality for all those who appear before her in the Courtroom.

Please use your vote to reelect Judge Katherine Stolz-a well respected and dedicated judge who deserves our support.

(253) 732-4062