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Joe Burrowes

Legal/Judicial Experience: Judge Joe Burrowes has 12 years of judicial experience in Benton County District Court.  He is the Dean of the Judicial College responsible for the judicial education of all Judges in the State of Washington.

Other Professional Experience: Judge Burrowes has been a public servant for 34 years as a Judge, Prosecutor, Criminal Defense Attorney, City Attorney, Family Law Facilitator and Law Enforcement Officer.

Education: Gonzaga School of Law, WSU, CBC, Richland High School.

Community Service: He was honored by WSU Tri-Cities with the Distinguished Alumnus Award for his support of higher education, community involvement and distinguished service on the bench.

Statement: Judge Joe Burrowes has lived in the Tri-Cities for 37 years. He and wife Sue have two children and two grandchildren. He devotes countless volunteer hours to civic organizations such as the YMCA Mock Trial Competition, various high school programs, police citizen's academies, and domestic violence advocate training programs. He is the elected Treasurer/Secretary of the Washington State District and Municipal Court Judges Association, and a judicial member of the Washington State Bar Association’s Rules Committee.

Judge Burrowes has a proven record as a hard working effective Judge. He believes every case is important, whether it is a felony criminal offense or a traffic infraction. Every individual deserves a judge who will follow the law and treat them with respect. He believes that a Judge’s duty is to uphold the law and not to legislate a personal agenda.

He is endorsed by Judges of all levels of the Court System including Washington Supreme Court Justices, elected officials, law enforcement, firefighters, attorneys, and prominent community leaders. His knowledge of the law, experience in rules and procedures, passion for community service and impeccable integrity are what is needed for a Superior Court Judge.

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