2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Ed Orcutt

Elected Experience: Serving in his seventh two-year term in the House of Representatives, Ed Orcutt serves on the Transportation Committee (ranking member), Finance Committee (assistant ranking member) and Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

Other Professional Experience: Consulting forester/owner of Cascade Forest Management.

Education: B.S. degree in Forest Management, University of Idaho.

Community Service: An active volunteer, Ed Orcutt has served as president of a Lions Club, chairman of the Highlander Festival, member of the Columbia Theatre Board, and as a youth bowling coach.

Statement: State Representative Ed Orcutt has earned a reputation in Olympia as an effective, independent leader who works hard to make things happen for the families in Southwest Washington. He’s a leader in protecting taxpayers, natural resource-based jobs, property rights, and the quality of life we all enjoy.

Ed Orcutt’s priorities include creating new family-wage jobs, making government agencies more responsive to the citizens they serve, and making government live within its means. That means funding education and vital services using existing revenues and protecting taxpayers from tax increases. Let’s keep Ed Orcutt in the House.

(360) 751-2317