2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Neil Thannisch

Elected Experience: I currently serve as a PCO in Legislative District 1

Other Professional Experience: I have 30+ years in Information Technology for private and government entities with responsibilities involving budgeting, project management, problem solving, planning and execution of high-end technical systems.

Education: BS in Computer Science from Harding University

Community Service: Active in a local church as a man of faith, served as a Sauk River Christian Camp board member and counsellor for teens, as well as a participant in local political activities.

Statement: We deserve Representatives that listen, but today’s Representatives ignore voters. We voted balanced budget. Suspended. We voted better commutes. We got tolls and congestion. Even the State Supreme Court determined our Legislators are not properly funding education. They’re reconsidering a state income tax again, even after we voted against it seven times. And businesses are leaving our state.

Do our voices matter? Let’s remove tolls from I-405 and publicly discuss other options for traffic management. Creating traffic gridlock and then opening lanes during off-hours is insufficient. Elect me and I will restore your voice to the House.

(425) 501-8466