2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Richard (Dick) Muri

Elected Experience: State Representative, 28th District; Former Pierce County Councilmember, District 6; Former Board Member, Steilacoom Historical School District, Number 1

Other Professional Experience: USAF Retired Lieutenant Colonel; Chief of Quality Management, 62nd Air Lift Wing 1992-97; Director of Airlift Operations, Incirlik Air Base, Turkey 1989-91 (Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Provide Comfort)

Education: Masters of Public Administration, Golden Gate University; Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Community Service: Charter Member, Kiwanis Club of Steilacoom; Former Board Member, Steilacoom Historical Museum Association; Breakfast Team Leader, St. John Bosco; Youth sports coach (wrestling, track, soccer)

Statement: Dick Muri is a proven leader in our local government, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and our state representative. Dick was a member of the Steilacoom School Board and the Pierce County Council. While on the County Council, Dick Muri balanced nine county budgets, trimming wasteful spending and guaranteeing vital services were funded without raising taxes.

Dick Muri knows that only people create jobs, not big government. He supports job growth by making it easier for businesses to prosper. Dick Muri has a 19 year proven record of commonsense conservatism, environmental stewardship, and fiscal responsibility.

(253) 581-5609