2016 General Election Voters' Guide

Jimi O'Hagan

Elected Experience:  None

Other Professional Experience: I am a fourth generation small family farmer from Twin Harbors.  To support our farm I worked in forestry, shipyards, fishing, shellfish, construction and petroleum industries.

Education: Like Abe Lincoln I am a self taught individual with a unique education in law. I am not a State Bar member.  I represented my family in one of the highest profile civil cases in Western Washington. It led to the removal of several state judges and multiple federal judges and attorneys are currently under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.   

Community Service: No information submitted  

Statement: The Judicial Branch is uncontrolled and corrupt. Judicial branch members have violated the separation of powers and infiltrated our legislative and executive branches to obtain nobility for themselves and their fellow attorneys. They organized together to profit share in stealing every economically vulnerable individual’s life, liberty and property under color of law.  State Bar Associations organized together to overthrow our constitutional form of government and create a monarchy type oligarchy tyranny. It is a subversive organization that should be abolished and replaced with judicial advocates, then our pledge of allegiance will have meaning and we will have justice for all.

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