2016 General Election Voters' Guide
Congressional District 10 - U.S. Representative

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Jim Postma
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: none

Other Professional Experience: Captain United States Air Force, rocket scientist and aerospace engineer, simulation expert. Author of two books on health care and Social Security reform.

Education: BS mechanical engineering Purdue University, aircraft officers maintenance school, control systems theory UCLA, business systems Alexander Hamilton Institute.

Community Service: Church council and treasurer Christ Lutheran Church, fund raising Tacoma rescue mission.

Statement: Jim has gained important experience running for this position for six years with 290,000 votes, which has enabled him to come up with revolutionary solutions to important problems of our time. He has bills ready to be enacted to reform Social Security and healthcare.

Social Security is in trouble because there is no investment. My new programs will make workers millionaires while preserving existing benefits. This will be done by investing worker’s payroll taxes in a new Social Security Investment Trust for the benefit of the worker, run by multiple wealth management companies; the same companies that are making the rich rich, and in health insurance, life insurance and unemployment insurance providing a complete financial package. One trillion dollars a year will be invested in this program booming the economy and creating jobs.

Immigration laws favor poor refugees who require welfare, while preventing skilled workers and business people who can contribute to the economy from immigrating. We do not have enough jobs for low-paid workers while highly skilled jobs do not have applicants. This system is creating ethnic diversity to the detriment of existing ethnic groups.

Campaign finance is a pay-to-play system. Political candidates do not have the means to run for their elected office. They must accept contributions from special interest lobbyists. This is a lose-lose system as contributions will be the in the thousand dollar range, but benefits conferred to lobbyists will be in the million and billion dollar range paid for by our taxes. Candidates spent enormous amount of time on fund raising instead of doing their job, while lobbyists and special interests get rich on our taxes.

Jim has a diverse family. He is married with three accomplished children and seven grandchildren. He has traveled the world and likes people.

(253) 691-2979