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Supreme Court - Justice Position 6

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Charles (Charlie) Wiggins

Legal/Judicial Experience: State Supreme Court, 2010-present

Other Professional Experience: Justice Wiggins has served on the State Court of Appeals, as a pro-tem Superior Court judge, and in private practice for over 30 years.

Education: Justice Wiggins graduated from Princeton University with honors. He served four years in the Army, earning an MBA and rising to Captain. The G.I. Bill helped Wiggins to attend Duke Law School.

Community Service: Justice Wiggins is an active volunteer, traveling to Albania to assist judges transitioning from communism to democracy, performing award-winning work with Habitat for Humanity, his church, and assisting poor clients without payment.

Statement: Justice Charlie Wiggins brings a lifelong passion for equal justice and the rule of law to the Supreme Court. A productive opinion writer, his 110 opinions over the past 5 years protect our constitutional liberties, impartially uphold and interpret the law, and justly resolve cases.

Justice Wiggins works to protect judicial independence, campaigning with legislators and others to limit campaign contributions in judicial elections. He helped author a proposed rule that a judge cannot sit on a case involving any party who spent substantial funds supporting the judge’s election. He helped start the award-winning web site www.votingforjudges.org, educating citizens about judicial candidates.

A champion for judicial access, Justice Wiggins has worked to educate local and state leaders on the importance of an independent, efficient judiciary system. No one should be forced to wait for trial or sacrifice representation because they lack the resources to hire a skilled attorney, face a language barrier, or have other challenges.

Proudly endorsed by over 100 current and former judges statewide, a bi-partisan coalition of elected officials, the Washington State Labor Council, State Firefighters, State Patrol Troopers, and more. For more endorsements and more recent information, visit www.justicecharliewiggins.com.

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