2016 General Election Voters' Guide
Congressional District 5 - U.S. Representative

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Joe Pakootas
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Joe has been elected and served 16 years as a Council member of the Colville Indian Tribe, five as chair.

Other Professional Experience: From a union laborer to CEO of a multi-million-dollar federal corporation, Joe has managed hundreds of employees, balanced budgets and restructured multiple business enterprises, creating hundreds of family-wage jobs. As a 30-year small business owner, corporate CEO, environmental protectionist and community leader, Joe has decades of business and environmental experience.

Education: Joe has a Master's of Business Administration from the University of Washington

Community Service: Joe has coached, mentored, housed and supported youth for decades

Statement: As a successful small business owner of 30 years, Joe knows how to create family-wage jobs. Working as a union laborer, now CEO of a multi-million-dollar corporation, he has decades of business, environmental and leadership experience. As CEO of his Tribe, Joe ushered in a $10 million-dollar economic turnaround by restructuring 13 businesses and securing a multi-million-dollar sustainable revenue stream, which has improved the lives of nearly 10,000 Tribal members. Joe cares deeply for the environment. His 2006 landmark lawsuit against Teck Cominco forced them to stop polluting the Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt. He will continue to fight to protect open spaces and water tributaries for future generations. As a community leader, Joe and his wife maintained a 'safe house' for the youth in their community. They've coached, mentored and supported children in their community for decades. He is running for Congress because he believes women, minorities and middle class Americans need a voice in Congress. He supports a nationwide living wage and equal pay for women in the workplace. He believes we must improve our economy and create regional employment opportunities in agriculture and industry, so that our community can grow urban and rural jobs. Rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure through sensible government investments will create a strong middle class. Joe will fight to protect affordable, safe health care benefits for all, including reproductive services for women. He will promote investments in education for youth from pre-K through college that will prepare our children for the 21st century and make Eastern Washington a magnet for new business opportunities. Joe will work to strengthen Social Security, Medicare and Veteran’s Benefits by eliminating corporate tax loopholes and he supports removing big corporate money out of politics to level the playing field.

(509) 850-3235