2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Larry Haler

Elected Experience: Elected Experience: State Representative 12 years; Ranking House Higher Education Committee Member; NFIB Guardian of Business 12 years with 91% AWB lifetime voting average; City of Richland Council Member 14 years and Mayor 4 years.

Other Professional Experience: Hanford B Reactor docent; Licensed nuclear reactor operator who worked in nuclear energy field since 1974; Nuclear reactor training manager.

Education: BA Pacific Lutheran University; MBA City University.

Community Service: Opened district’s first local legislative office; Constantly seeks input from citizens through emails, town hall meetings, coffee hours; Married 42 years to Jenifer (retired school teacher), both are active in church.

Statement: Making a difference: Larry’s work improved our community. The WSU Tri-Cities campus, advanced research STARS program, and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Wine Science Center; as well as the Port of Benton Rail Spur created job opportunities for working families. Valuing Students: Larry supports preparing students for competitive job markets. He worked to restore college funding and decreased tuition. Making Government Work: Larry works with bipartisan leaders to pass no-new-taxes budgets and cut bureaucracy and government growth.

“Thanks for putting your trust in me. I never forget that I work for you! I would appreciate your vote.”

(509) 308-1957