2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Curtis King

Elected Experience: Elected to the Washington State Senate in 2007.

Other Professional Experience: Employed by the General Electric Co. for 8 years in managerial positions.  Owned and operated King Brothers Woodworking, Inc. for 30 years and King Door and Hardware for 15 years.

Education: B.S. Degrees in Physics and Math, University of Washington; MBA, Clemson/Furman Universities

Community Service: Volunteered countless hours in our community, including Rotary, United Way, Chamber of Commerce, American Red Cross and others.  Past-President of the Central Washington State Fair Board and an active member for 14 years.

Statement: A successful businessman, Curtis is well-known for his leadership skills and bringing people together. Over his nine years in the Senate, Curtis has worked to improve education without raising taxes, reduce regulations that impede job creation, craft an updated statewide comprehensive transportation package, and keep healthcare in the hands of the people.

We need leaders with common sense, experience and the ability to provide a positive direction in Olympia. Curtis provides all of these. This is why people across the 14th District are supporting the re-election of Curtis King for State Senator.

"In 1987 our state biennial operating budget was $9.14 billion. Less than 30 years later our state budget is over $37 billion. that is an average increase of 14% per year. We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Our state government has gone far beyond its core functions of educating our children, providing protection for its citizens and caring for our most vulnerable. It is time to make state government more accountable, more efficient and more responsive to its citizens." - Curtis King.

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