2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Rick Larsen

Elected Experience: I began trying to make a difference through public service on the Snohomish County Council, and today it is my privilege to serve as the Representative for Washington’s 2nd Congressional District.

Other Professional Experience: I was previously employed by the Port of Everett and the Washington State Dental Association.

Education: I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington state and have a Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota.

Community Service: My parents were an important influence on me, encouraging me to be involved in my local community. Their encouragement continues to be a motivation for my service to our communities.

Statement: I was born and raised in Arlington. Representing the 2nd District is an honor. I approach each day guided by what I hear from local families and small businesses. They want a champion to help them face their challenges and create opportunities to grow the middle class.

A strong and vibrant middle class is the foundation of the American dream. I’m committed not just to making that dream more accessible to anyone who’s willing to work hard and play by the rules, but to protecting people from the forces in Washington, D.C. that are trying to pull the middle class apart.

This means I’m working to build an economy that creates jobs by investing in infrastructure, make education affordable and accessible, and increase skills and training opportunities that prepare our workforce to compete. And I am fighting to establish the 2nd District as a center for renewable energy innovation to protect our environment and grow our economy.

Strengthening our middle class also means fighting for people whose voices too often go unheard: protecting women’s rights, ensuring our veterans have access to the care they’ve earned, strengthening the Voting Rights Act, and addressing opioid addiction and homelessness in our communities.

And it means protecting our middle class from the moneyed special interests controlling our elections. I’m committed to overturning Citizens United to get the dark money out of politics – elections should empower local citizens to engage and strengthen their community, not give billionaires and big corporations control over it.

There are challenges for sure, but it’s a privilege to fight and serve on your behalf. I’m excited about the opportunities we have to grow and strengthen our middle class, and if you feel the same - please join me.

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