2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Douglas L. Federspiel

Legal/Judicial Experience: Yakima County Superior Court Judge (elected 2012 - present); Yakima County District Court Judge (2010); Nominated by Senators Cantwell and Murray to the President of the United States for appointment to the federal bench.

Other Professional Experience: General Counsel (Wilkinson Corporation) focusing on securities, & real estate (2006 – 2010); Velikanje, Moore & Shore – litigation (1989 – 2006); Oregon Department of Justice – special litigation unit (1988).

Education: William O. Douglas Honors College (1981 – 1984); Whitman (1984 – 1986); Willamette College of Law (1989)

Community Service: American Bar Association Pro Bono Award; Tutoring Minority Law Students; Red Cross; National Night Out.

Statement: Yakima County Superior Court Judge Doug Federspiel seeks your vote to retain his position on the bench. Judge Federspiel has legal and judicial experience spanning three decades including six years on the bench, seventeen years of complex litigation in both state and federal courts, and five years as general counsel for a nationwide business with hundreds of subsidiaries and thousands of employees.

Judge Federspiel grew up on an orchard in the lower Yakima Valley and managed a cherry packing line over several seasons. He knows agriculture and agribusiness. Judge Federspiel is an avid outdoorsman. He is a dedicated husband and father and works hard every day to make Yakima County a safe place to raise your family.

Judge Federspiel’s prior successful campaigns promised “Experience, Excellence and Integrity.” He promised to be objective and fair while holding convicted criminals accountable. Judge Federspiel has delivered on those promises.

Superior Court Judge Federspiel jealously guards the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Judge Federspiel strictly applies the law and avoids legislating from the bench. He is prepared every day, for every case, because your case is important to him. A vote for Judge Federspiel is the right decision.

(509) 480-2806