2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Brad Klippert

Elected Experience: Currently State Representative. Committees: Ranking member Public Safety, Education, Judiciary and Joint Committee for Veterans Affairs/Military Operations. Co-chair Aviation Caucus. 

Other Professional Experience: Benton County Sheriff's Deputy (formerly Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy). 22+ years law enforcement. Lieutenant Colonel Army National Guard; 28+ years military service, deployed 3 times, 20 years Army Helicopter Pilot; Licensed Minister. Former Paramedic Firefighter, Volunteer Firefighter. 

Education: Bachelors' Degree: Behavioral Science and Biblical Studies. Masters' Degree: Teaching. Certified teacher: 1997. Former nationally certified Paramedic, EMT. Graduated Pierce County Fire District Firefighting Academy. 

Community Service: School Resource Officer/Sheriff's Deputy, Soldier, Legislator, Teacher, Licensed Minister, Community Service Volunteer.  

Statement: My priorities include: Public Safety and an excellent education system. Protect our constitutional rights. Strong Military, Secure Borders, U.S. and State Sovereignty; "One Nation under God." Free Enterprise: Enable business growth to create family wage jobs. Reduce bureaucracy and regulations that stifle prosperity for employers and employees. Affordable energy: Pro-nuclear energy, hydro-electric power is vital/renewable. Fiscal responsibility and accountability. Excellent/Affordable health care/insurance: Free Market not socialized medicine. Legal immigration: benefits to legal residents.

Our mutual goals include: prosperity, security, responsibility, accountability, excellent education, and superior/affordable health care. Together: we can do it!

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