2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Steve Owens

Elected Experience: PCO Puyallup WA, Appointed Member Jack Jactor Building Committee Colchester CT. 

Other Professional Experience: 9 Years Active Duty Navy, 20 Years Software Engineering.

Education: B.S. Computer Science Conc. Charter Oak State College; New Britain CT.

Community Service: Member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Volunteer Cherry Street Food Bank,  Mentor Avanti Robotics Team, Volunteer City Parks Clean Up Crew, Co-Writer for Public Debate on LBA Woods Initaive.  Currently workng to develop community support for a citizen owned mesh network in Olympia to enable participants to share fiber optic connections to enable low cost high speed home internet.

Statement: A new common ground is emerging between the populist left and right. While there are many issues that divide each side, there are many issues that unite each side. Issues like: big donors corrupting the election process, crony capitalism, corporate welfare, the Wall Street Bailout, subsidies for Big Agriculture, Big Oil and the pharmaceutical industry, tax loopholes for hedge fund partners, insider trading on Wall Street, CEOs pumping up share prices with stock buy-backs then cashing in their stock options, tax deductions for CEO pay over 1 million and the list goes on.

I stand for common ground, and believe that representatives should put people before party. As such I will bring a new and fresh perspective to the capitol, where true win-win solutions are sought rather than seeking backdoor deals in the political sausage making that is so common today. I believe that the people should be included rather than excluded from weighing in and be able help formulate policy. Transparency and access to data are the cornerstones of that process.

If you are tired of the same old political charade year after year, then join me and fight for the people. Fight for common ground.

(360) 561-6719