2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Mike Foster

Elected Experience: No Elected Experience

Other Professional Experience: 10 Years working in Telecom and Data Services: As a field service technician I was responsible for trouble shooting, repare and if necessary replacement of wide and local area networks, nework switches, hubs and cabling.  I was also responsible for telecom services, phone systems and telecom cabling.  6 Years in Prorety Management: Responsible for conflict resolution, coordinating projects, maintenace and repair.  Administrativly responsible for contracts and purchase orders.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology; Minoring in Software Systems Engineering Specialization GPA: 3.76.

Community Service: U.S. Army 1991 - 1994 U.S; Navy 1995 - 1999; 2003.

Statement: I believe strongly in our freedoms and human rights. I grew up in a farming town in Western Washington; Mount Vernon. As an Army and Navy veteran, I have seen combat while defending your rights. As your representative, I will continue to serve you with the same honor, commitment and courage. I will work to grow jobs, reduce regulation on small business, reduce the cost of healthcare, reform education, and give parents school choice. Representatives derive their just powers from the consent of the people. I will make it my mission to maintain, protect and restore your individual rights.

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