2016 General Election Voters' Guide
Legislative District 5 - State Senator

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Chad Magendanz
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: Elected to the state House in 2012; Education (Ranking Member), Technology & Economic Development, and Appropriations committees. Appointed to five bipartisan school funding and quality task forces. Former Issaquah School Board Member and President.

Other Professional Experience: Software developer for Microsoft, Nike, Panasonic and other high tech companies; U.S. Navy submarine officer (12 years); Microsoft manager (10 years) with over 20 patent awards.

Education: Electrical Engineering degree, Cornell University

Community Service: PTA Outstanding Advocate, Kiwanis member, classroom volunteer. Lives on Tiger Mountain with wife Galen (27 years). Proud father of two sons, a sophomore at MIT and senior at Liberty HS.

Statement: Chad is keeping his promises to the people of the 5th District. In the state House, he’s worked with both Democrats and Republicans to improve education, and he’s represented the values of our district on jobs and taxes – just like he said he would. Now he’s asking for your vote for the state Senate.

Unlike some politicians, Chad backs up his talk with action.

Chad has a proven track record of responsible budgeting, working across party lines, and putting kids first. He’s a leader on improving school funding and quality. He’s successfully passed landmark legislation on computer science education, charter schools and cybercrime. He has an 100% (A+) rating from the state Chamber of Commerce because of his strong record creating jobs. He supports requiring a two-thirds majority to raise taxes, and he wasn’t afraid to stand up to the establishment and vote “no” on a gas-tax hike which was rejected by over two-thirds of district voters.

The Seattle Times called Chad “one of the clearest thinkers in the Legislature” and says he “brings much-needed moderation and intellectual rigor to Olympia.” A vote for Chad is a vote for integrity in state government.

(425) 395-4895