2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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John Dickinson

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: US Post Enumeration Recovery Council, 1991 Earth Day WorldPerc Casting, 1992

Education: BS, MPA SU; 50+ countries

Community Service: I co-founded/co-chaired and volunteered with many Seattle organizations: Council of Planning Affiliates, 1971; RB Planning; RB Neighborhood Power Project;  RBHS Site Council; RB Community Center board. A 9-mile prototype, LoWay beneath the transmission lines gained City Council and neighborhood approvals.

Statement: 1961, UN launches war on drugs, "We can do it." Fifty-five years later the UN declares "A new approach" is needed. CDC: "It's an epidemic." 165,000 dead from legal opioids in five years. WHO: "US consumes 93% of world's pain killers while 80% of the world has zero to very little access." DEA says we have a "natonal emergency."

When elected I will take the big steps needed to fix our drug problem. I will take the big steps needed to fix our failing education system. I will take the big steps for one term.

(206) 721-3113