2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Mike Pellicciotti

Elected Experience: Not a career politician

Other Professional Experience: A former Deputy King County Prosecuting Attorney, Mike’s fought violent crime in our community. He cracked down on sex trafficking and domestic violence in Federal Way. As a state fraud prosecutor, Mike’s managed efforts against corporate healthcare fraud -- fighting government waste, protecting seniors, and returning $30 million to taxpayers

Education: Law Degree - Gonzaga; Master's (Fulbright Scholar, studying economic development); Bachelor's (Business Administration)

Community Service: The son of educators; Mike serves with the Federal Way Human Services Commission, and chaired the Equal Justice Coalition, advocating for homeowners unlawfully foreclosed upon, veterans denied benefits, and victims of predatory lending

Statement: We can’t keep electing the same politicians and expect improved results on public safety, government waste, and education. It’s time for a change. As a prosecutor and anti-fraud investigator, I've protected the public and returned millions to taxpayers. Throughout my career, I've given voice to the voiceless. As your Representative, I’ll fight for government accountability, take on corporate abuse, enact criminal justice reforms, and improve our schools and roads. Like you, I am frustrated by political gridlock. I will be your advocate in Olympia.

Endorsed by community leaders, Nurses, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Sheriff John Urquhart, State Labor Council

(253) 237-2838