2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Barry Knowles

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: I have owned and operated companies for 26 years, 17 years in construction. I reviewed contracts and managed subcontractors. Profitability and living within company means was my responsibility, a skill set our state desperately needs. I am an inventor; I fabricate and market two home security products. I service hospital, retail and military pharmacies, processing medications and narcotics for return or destruction.

Education: I spent 7 years in military service and attended South Seattle Community College.

Community Service:  I have a long history coaching youth sports, worked on fundraisers for Shriner’s Hospital and am a member of the American Legion.

Statement: Tired of establishment politics? Time for new leadership? We need legislators who listen to the voters. A balanced budget without further tax increases is critical to our state’s economy and taxpayers demands.

I will defend 2 nd amendment rights and civil liberties. I will uphold the no new taxes without a two thirds majority initiative. I will not support capital gains, carbon tax or removing the one percent tax cap on our homes. I will fully fund education first then prioritize spending on critical services including mental health. I will be accessible to my constituents.

(206) 574-8232