2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Stephanie Heart Viskovich

Elected Experience: Board Member of the VIPER PAC, Campaign Manager of Initiative 1372.

Other Professional Experience: DOD contracted, executive management role towards dependents dental benefits between MCCS and AAFES. Volunteer and citizen lobbyist from 2012 to present, co-author Initiative 1419, co-author of "Washington State Medical Cannabis Legal Guide," cofounder of CAC, and ASAP, member of CDC and NORML Women of WA.

Education: Bishop Blanchet, Shoreline CC, Palomar College.

Community Service: Caregiver to thousands of persons in the senior, veteran, cancer, and medically disabled communities. Volunteer lecturer on "Chemical dependency pharmacology of alcohol and other drugs" at Bellevue College and North Seattle College. 

Statement: Viskovich, seeks to compassionately reinvest into the heart of the 46th district with the gold standard of the golden rule. Her platform is one based on truth about the world we live in balanced with an accurate perspective on what it takes to restore wisdom, justice & love to American values through policy. Her mission is to create jobs that build and give back to the people within our local economy, by cutting down waste, supporting a greener lifestyle, and improving all educational standards while creating an avenue for our homeless to become more positive contributors of our communities.

(206) 605-6293