2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Terry L. Williams

Legal/Judicial Experience: 24 years legal experience as a courtroom lawyer focusing on people being treated fairly. Practice areas include family and dependency law, small civil litigation, disability, debt collection matters, guardianships, probate and personal injury.

Other Professional Experience: No information submitted

Education: BA in English and minor in Spanish at Arizona State University. Law degree (Juris Doctor) from Gonzaga University School of Law. 54 legal seminars.

Community Service: Community service includes cleaning homes for the elderly and incapacitated, painting community facilities, assisting in the Colville Tiger Triathlon, Pro Bono (free) legal service, Law Day presentations in local high schools, Boy Scouts, collecting food for the local food bank.

Statement: A judge must strive to live standards of integrity in his professional and personal life, be impartial, knowledgeable, fair, a good listener, but ask questions that get to the heart of the issue. A judge should be courteous in the courtroom, but firm and authoritative when necessary. Citizens of our county deserve nothing less, and they'll get that with Terry. He has always tried to treat others with courtesy, respect, dignity, and integrity–whether as an attorney or in his private life. He was raised middle class and taught the principle of pursuing worthy goals. He was a missionary in Spain. He's a family man and he's done a wide variety of jobs from manufacturing, janitorial, sales, landscaping, to road construction before he obtained a law degree. He has given high priority to advocating for children and families, including the elderly and disabled. No other candidate has as much courtroom experience as Terry. Based on his diverse life experience and his 24 years as a courtroom attorney doing motions and trials, Terry has demonstrated that he has the temperament and proven skills to work with others, and the ability to treat all members of the community fairly and impartially

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