2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Michael Scott

Elected Experience: I have spent the last couple of years advocating/lobbing for patient rights at our State Capitol. I have served as a board member on community organizations: Project PC, AMCR, American Legion, SCRC

Other Professional Experience: Executive Director at Project PC, Film TV Director, Videographer, Documentarian.

Education: MS computer science studies, MBA studies; BA in Film, BA of TV production; AA College of Redwoods; ROP radio broadcast, TV production, audio engineering.

Community Service: I have been a member of charitable organizations: American Legion, Eagles Club, Moose Lodge, Habitat for Humanity, Twenty22many,  Disability Advocate. I also volunteer for Food Banks, Stanwood Camano Community Action Group

Statement: I have spent the last few years involved in advocating and lobbying for various issues facing the citizens of our great state. Though these experiences I have learned much about our legislative processes. As a Libertarian, I add another perspective that is desperately needed to create positive change.

I do "Not" accept donations from big money special interests to ensure the voice of the people is heard. With your support, I will serve our district, make unbiased decisions and use logic for the betterment of our community.

(360) 436-6268