2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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George Vrable

Elected Experience: None I am not a polition

Other Professional Experience:  Retired Battalion Chief, Navy Region North West Fire Department, Commercial fishing , Construction

Education: High School GED, Some Fire science and liberal arts classes at the Community College level, no College Degree

Community Service: No information submitted

Statement: As a retired public servant and a former Democrat, I have seen things go in a direction that I dont think is good for our state or our country. The Democratic Party left me, and did it ever go left! Any further left and...well I believe that takes all of us in the wrong direction. Ideology, left or right can become a box that people wear over their heads, to think outside that box is amortal sin amongst some. As your Representative I will rely on your good common sense, not ideology or doctine to solve problems.

(360) 437-0588