2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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David Greenspan

Legal/Judicial Experience: Judge Pro Tempore in multiple jurisdictions since 2012. Adjudicated several criminal jury trials. Former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Clallam County. Solo Criminal Defense practitioner since 2009. Personally litigated dozens of jury trials. Hundreds of hours of pro bono and reduced fee legal services for workers, tenant, and minority rights.

Other Professional Experience: No information submitted

Education: Received Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University. Received B.A. in Economics from University of Washington.

Community Service: Recently appointed Board Member for Northwest Folklife. Volunteered hundreds of hours to Seattle University and University of Washington School of Law as judge for moot court and mock trial competitions.

Statement: Should justice only belong to the one percent? These are your courts. As a judge pro tem, I strive to give everyone the opportunity to be heard. As an attorney, I've zealously defended immigrants, Occupy and Black Lives Matter protesters, and dozens of marginalized citizens. I've also dedicated hundreds of hours to helping people in need, from landlord/tenant disputes to employment discrimination.

As the candidate in this race with the most experience running a busy trial court, I believe social justice is critical in every case. I am committed to deciding every issue on its merits, and will work diligently to keep our courtrooms open and transparent.

I've lived in King County for 25 years and have seen it become more expensive, diverse, and populated than ever. But some things haven't changed: law enforcement lacks much needed accountability, and too many citizens lack trust in the system meant to protect them.

It's time to put people first, and focus on restoration, not retribution. The courtroom is the front line of social justice. We need judges who truly believe in equal justice for everyone.

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