2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Laura Carder

Elected Experience: Precinct Committee Officer

Other Professional Experience: Computer Programmer (retired)

Education: BA in Math/Computer Science from California State University Long Beach

Community Service: Volunteer for Meals On Wheels and at the Fox Theater; Violist for Gonzaga Symphony and Project Joy orchestras  

Statement:  As your State Representative, I will support bills to make Washington more business-friendly by reducing some of the most burdensome regulations and reduce the costs of employees from the taxable revenue. Those who get government pay or benefits need businesses that help fund our economy. I'm mostly both pro-life and pro-choice. No taxpayer should be forced to fund any abortions or any organization that promotes abortions. Workers should have the right to choose not to pay union dues. Voters in District 3 voted to require 2/3 vote before raising taxes. I will honor their vote.

(509) 487-3216