2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Tracy Atwood

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: I am a small business owner and former operations manager of a successful Whatcom County service business.  I have worked with several non-profits and consulted with other businesses to help them grow.  I am a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and out ot the box thinker who focuses on motivation (individual and team) and life health and personal sustainability.

Education: No information submitted

Community Service: I currently sit on the CIS advisory committee at Whatcom Community College and have helped local non-profits reach out to help members in the community who might be in need of food, housing, or other services.

Statement: I have decided that I will no longer be actively campaigning. And while any votes I get at this time are very much appreciated and a cry out for the changes we need in our Whatcom County, I feel there are many candidates who are worthy and I encourage you to vote and be heard. I had greeted the opportunity to represent this fine comunity with enthusiasm, and still believe we need to vote for someone who will represent all sides of our community without leaving anyone out, but cannot sustain the campaign to compete evenly with other candidates.

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