2016 General Election Voters' Guide
Congressional District 3 - U.S. Representative

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Jim Moeller
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Washington State House of Representatives 49th District. Re-elected to a seventh term in 2014. House Speaker Pro Tempore. Vancouver City Council for two terms.

Other Professional Experience: House Commerce and Workforce Development Committee. HealthCare and Wellness Committee. Transportation and Rules Committee.

Education: Washington State University BS in Psychology, Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work. Portland State University Mark Hatfield School of Government.

Community Service: Member of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Vancouver Human Services Council Board Member, Governors Work Group on Behavioral Health (Mental Health CD), Clark County Vulnerable Adult Task Force, Former Washington End of Life Coalition Board Member.

Statement: Imagine a Congress that works for you. I am running for Congress because I want to get our country moving again. Instead of a Congress that is setting records for not accomplishing anything, I want a Congress that's on your side, revitalizing our economy and putting people back to work. I have served our community for the last two decades and have always put your interests in front of the special interests. I will continue to do so in Congress.

I pledge to be a full time representative who will host town hall meetings and consistently interact with my constituents. There are too many challenges facing our district and country to elect a part time Congresswoman. We are without representation when the stakes couldn't be higher. Issues such as health care, job growth and environmental reform all cry for a representative who will work on his constituents' behalf.

I am willing to take on the tough issues, even when they may be unpopular. As a health care professional, I support the Affordable Care Act and object to the repeated attemps by congressional leaders such as Rep. Herrera Beutler to repeal it. In addition, America needs a raise. I support a federal $15 minimum wage. At the federal level I will work with local businesses to attract high wage jobs to our region.

Safeguarding our sacred freedoms, protecting the vulnerable, strengthening Social Security and Medicare, reform for the VA and Veterans Services, college without debt, and the protection of our environment; these are my priorities. Freedom, fairness, national and economic security; those are my values.

I believe that America is only as great as when we stand together as a nation. I am asking for your vote to make Congress work again.

(360) 903-5115