2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Amanda Richards

Elected Experience: Precinct Committee Officer, Klickitat County Republican Party; State Committeewoman, Klickitat County Republican Party; Washington State Republican Party Executive Board member-CD3.

Other Professional Experience: Analytical Chemist, AM Todd, Goldendale, WA;  Pharmaceutical Chemist, RP Scherer, Clearwater, FL

Education: Bachelor of Science - Biology, University of Michigan

Community Service: Amanda is a wife, mother, chemist, and small hobby farmer. She is focused on improving her own and surrounding communities, having created both the Annual NW Homesteading Fair and the Lyle Community Market. She was elected Facility Coordinator for the High Prairie Community Council.  Her family has welcomed numerous Home with Heroes veterans to hunt their land.

Statement: Our district finally has a choice! “...government should be held accountable to the taxpayers.” “...the best government is one which governs by encouraging individual initiative and responsibility.” (Source: Republican Senate Caucus)

I am running as Independent GOP because I believe in the principles of the Republican platform and both the US and WA State Constitutions and the values they represent.

We now have the highest gas excise tax in the nation following the largest gas tax increase in Washington State history. The voices of 'We the People' were not listened to in the local Transportation Committee meetings. We were ignored when 2/3rds of us voted to repeal this lifestyle and commerce restrictive tax (November 2015 Advisory Vote).

If entrusted with this office, I pledge to you that I will uphold my oath to both the Washington State Constitution and the Constitution of the United States. You can rest assured that my actions will be strictly limited by both documents. I will listen to the people and I promise to vote for sensible spending and lower taxes to ensure a fiscally responsible future for ourselves and our children.

(541) 595-8292