2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Alvin Rutledge

Elected Experience:  Precinct Committee Officer

Other Professional Experience:   Owner – Retail Delivery Business

Education:  Bishop Blanchett High School; Everett Community College

Community Service:  Member of Many Charitable Organizations

Statement:  Alvin Rutledge is running because he is from this community.  Fully fund basic education  McCleary by opt out of the state pension system.  State Human rights policy migration, need a strategy now.Legislative vote last December to allow transgender to use whichever restroom fit for their gender identity Al against.  Issues:  Security communities (Police and Firefighters) taking care of our own means taking care of our troops.

Goal of Washington, project of citizens, self-government, transportation problems, affordable housing, healthcare, minimum wage, port wells and coal trains.  My pledge to you is to focus on the issues you care about.

(425) 776-7130