2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Thomas Cline

Legal/ Judicial Experience:  Admitted to the  bar  of the  State of Washington, the United States Supreme Court, and the  United States Courts of Appeal for the Federal and Ninth Circuits. Private practice of law, 34  years.    

Other Professional Experience: Graduate teaching associate, University of Washington.  Document analyst, Washington Attorney General's Office. Court-appointed guardian, King County Superior Court.  Trustee of million-dollar trust for injured motorcyclist.    

Education:  Bachelor of Arts  with  honors, Harvard University. National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. Master of Arts (Sociology)  and Juris Doctor, University of Washington.    

Community Service:  Open-door policy.   Advice given  regardless of ability to pay.   Multi-year volunteer in  prosecutorial misconduct case.

Statement: For  34  years from  his storefront office,  Tom  has fought the  good  fight  for individuals and small businesses.  He is fiercely independent,  having successfully brought lawyers, politicians, and Fortune 500 companies to justice.    

Tom is experienced. He has practiced in eleven superior courts.  He has argued before juries in five different counties and in  the  Seattle federal district court.  Tom  knows how  to manage a courtroom.    

Tom will be an advocate  for reform.  Justice is moving beyond reach of the  middle class due to ever  increasing legal  costs. Pretrial procedures should be streamlined. No one  should be forced to pay a mediator thousands of dollars. Neutral lawyers should receive continuing education credits for volunteering.  Lawyers who obstruct discovery should have their fees  reduced.   

Tom will protect the vulnerable.   There should be a committee of judges to review  guardianship cases, eliminate the  abuses in that system, and give a voice to friends and families. There should be an early referral to mental health professionals when any  act  of violence is tied  to mental illness.  This will implement the  Brady Act, protecting future victims and the mentally ill themselves. Be an informed voter! Visit  clineforjudge.com for more information.

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