2016 General Election Voters' Guide

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Matthew Benson

Elected Experience: My political involvement has been at the grassroots level and as a delegate to the 2016 Republican State Convention.  Like you, I am concerned about the lack of leadership in our state and I am running for office in order to be a voice of reason in Olympia.

Other Professional Experience: Target Sales Rep, Video Assistant at Best Made Videos

Education: Cascade Parent Partnership Program Graduate,  Associate of Arts Degree, currently pursuing a Bachelor degree.

Community Service: 68th Youth Attorney General at Washington YMCA Youth Legislature, College Volunteer at Washington YMCA Youth Legislature, Counselor for Youth Church Summer Camps.

Statement: Born and raised in West Seattle, I want to address the problems facing our schools. The misappropriation of education funds and over-testing of students. Another issue is wasteful government spending. There is a $10 billion deficit between our state’s revenue and spending. I would introduce legislation that will cut one penny out of every dollar spent by the state government across the board for two years. This would cut $700 million from the deficit and help reign in state spending. I will not vote to raise taxes, instead I will push for legislation to help small businesses grow.